Since its establishment the company "Steldi Air" has been engaged with developing and improving the systems for aerial surveillance, and capture a birds eye aerial photography, video transmission from the air in real-time, and also capture and videorecord cinematic frames from flying objects.
   Our primal goal in aerial photograhps is mainly the safety of people and mechanisms.As carriers of photo and video-technic we mainly use balloons, tethered and radio-controlled airships, paragliding motor gliders and airplanes, equipped with systems for stabilization and autopilots. 

   Our systems are mainly suitable for usage in a variaty of situations such as:

  • Ortophotography
  • Photographing plots
  • Capturing vast areas
  • Capture of agricultural fields
  • Evaluation of damage in crisis situations
  • Monitoring of inaccessible areas and sites 
  • Capturing videos
  • Capture cinematography
  • Monitoring of inaccessible forest areas, threatened by fire and flood
  • Assessment of damage in industrial accidents 
  • Inspection of operational areas in crisis situations
  • Search of people lost in inaccessible areas
  • And many more...

   There is always the possibility to adapt our system to perform specific tasks.